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Khoshnoor Paracha
Teen Ambassador STOMP Out Bullying™

KP_WebShot.jpgKhoshnoor Paracha (K.P.) is an 21 year-old senior from Queens, NY who attends John Jay College. Born in Pakistan and raised there for the first 13 years of her life, she was an active student with many friends.

K.P. came to U.S in summer of 2006. That fall she entered the 8th grade which turned out to be a sad and lonely time. K.P. was verbally bullied and on many several occasions her hijab was pulled off in the hallways. Her peers pressured her to take off her hijab thinking she might fit in better. She tried it but the teasing and the bullying never stopped.

She was called names like terrorist, stinky, ugly Indians and many more painful names. She was pushed & shoved in the cafeteria, and when she used the vending machines, kids would take out the plug before her snack came out. They threw paper balls at her with ridiculous and explicit images and offensive sentences.

She asked the dean in her cafeteria, as well as her teacher for help. No one listened. In fact after she took one of the messages to her teacher, he took it without looking made it into a ball and me throw it out -- completely disregarding it and K.P.’s feelings. Whenever she got on the bus kids made fun of her. Even when she got off the buss they taunted her. They would hit her with a basketball and say "sorry". Things kept getting worse. She never told her mother or anyone else because she felt it would make the situation worse.

It was clear that she was being harassed on the basis of her beliefs, religion and appearance. The irony is that she had no clue that she was being bullied. K.P. didn’t even know a word like that existed. She wanted to leave U.S. as soon as possible however high school gave her a whole new life. She forgot about her past experiences and moved on.

In her junior year K.P. became a part of a youth group for girls who were Muslim. It is called Turning Point for Muslim Women and Families (victims of domestic violence).  After sharing her story with her youth leader, it was then that she learned that she had been bullied. Through Turning Point K.P. got a chance to share her story with the nation in People Magazine. Her interview appeared in the special feature on bullying issue on October 8th, 2010. The response she received from her High School was wonderful and very positive. Her interview was shared throughout the school and with thousands of  other students. Even some teachers shared their bullying experiences with her and she felt like she won.

Later that year the school began its campaign “Arise NY”. K.P. created the motto "Wake up, Step up Speak Up". The campaign’s main goal was to create awareness about bullying and how serious the issue was becoming. Their next and most important step was to show today's youth that they can help stop the cycle of hatred and how they can help stop bullying by taking a stand for themselves and the victims. They even had some bullies speak up – admitting to being bullies and why they did were so mean. The group ran workshops over a course of two months where K.P. got a chance to direct one of the workshops. For K.P. this was a tremendous and an admirable experience. Prior to the campaign in 2010, K.P. was selected to go to Virginia to attend the Associated with The National Crime Prevention Council [McGruff] & The National Center for Victims of Crime a conference for training with her youth leader and another youth member.

K.P. is a bullying prevention activist and her goal is to help a million people in her lifetime. By becoming a Teen Ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying™ this is one way she feels she can achieve it. K.P. has always believed in the motto that she grew up hearing. “Love for All - Hatred for None”. She wants to share this with the world.