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Latest Stories

  • Kourtney

    I want to stomp bullying because i was bullied a lot as a kid it hurt me a lot. Now i have self esteem issues. Read more »
  • Brian

    I was bullied a lot in school for not having straight teeth and not making S sounds like everyone else. It hurts a lot and really knocks down yourself esteem. Read more »
  • Ayana

    I am 15 and I have been bullied since I was in the second grade. I used to be scared to go back to school everyday so I am going to try and help anyone who is getting bullied TO STOMP OUT BULLYING Read more »
  • Becky

    I want to stop bullying because i have been a victim since i was in grade 1 and the schools don't really care about it. It is very hurtful. Read more »
  • Hannah

    For several years, I got bullied over the internet and in person. Heck, I've been bullied for my whole life. My friends would just say, "just ignore them, don't let them bother you". Ha, easier said than done. Once, a kid spat on me around 10 times, while there were several people around. I was mad, but the real thing that ticked me off was the response the witnesses showed. Not one of them helped, at all. They just watched. I get mad so many times, it's like breathing to me. My friends use to hear students taunting harsh words about me, and just laugh along. But the next day, they'd get made fun of, expecting me to cheer them up. How can you help someone out if they won't help you? So I want to make a difference. If I witness someone bullying another, I'm going to defend the kid getting bullied. I bet if you got bullied you'd want someone to stick up for you. So why not try helping others first? Read more »