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  • Mallory

    I work at a school where bullying has become a MAJOR issue. In every school, in every grade, there is always the socially awkward child that doesn't really fit in. That child is always the one that gets targeted and it is sad to watch it happen and try to prevent it by disciplining the student doing the bullying. But then another child starts in and soon it's completely out of control! I'm going to start STOMP out bullying at my school and make sure that all of the children realize just how bad it is. This website is helping me achieve my goal to completely STOMP out bullying...and I give my word that I will not stop! Read more »
  • Andy NcGlenn

    Hello, My Son has been named a bully in his class at school. The problem is that he is being harrassed by a special needs child!! The teacher continues to take the special needs child's side no matter what the circumstances are even if there are witnesses to the event. Her excuse is that He needs special consideration. I have talked with My Son about keeping his distance from this Boy,but this Boy continues to seek My Son out. The child was also moved back 1 grade,but still has some exposure to My Son & makes trouble everytime he is around. What can be done to help this situation? Thank You !! Andy McGlenn Read more »
  • Kelsi

    I want to stop bullying because not only is it hurtful, it is just not a nice thing to do. It is not that schools do not care, it is just that they do not know how to handle it. They say they will help and they don't and the bullying just gets worse. Read more »
  • Brittany W

    I want to stomp out bullying because I've been bullied my whole life. I was either the new girl, the girl with the scars or, just felt unwelcome. I always felt like I was never good enough but since I graduated its gotten a little better. Older people or younger people still give me dirty looks all the time. For once I want people to smile. I know what its like to be bullied and I don't want anyone else to go through what I do so bullying has to be ended!!!!!! Read more »