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  • Mason

    I used to be a bully, and I regret it more than anything I ever have done. I used to make fun of someone at my school because of how he spoke, and I pushed it too far too many times. I never became violent or physically hurt him, but words can hurt just as bad as getting punched, kicked, slapped, etc. I finally came to the point of recognizing my mistakes and how much I had hurt this boy's feelings. I would never want anyone to treat me like I treated him. I asked for his forgiveness of my mistake, and I told him how very sorry I was for doing what I had done. Today, I am proud to call him a friend who I respect. We all are different and have flaws, but we shouldn't point them out. Read more »
  • Megena

    hi, I have been bullied, and became a bully because of it. After people started rubbing poop on my face, I got angry so I fought back. I beat up people I didn't like because they made me uncomfortable. I regret it, because I stooped to there level. STOMP OUT BULLLYING BECAUSE ITS BAD! Read more »
  • Ashley

    My whole life I was being bullied for being fat and ugly. It wasn't til 7th grade that I actually started fitting in. I used to always pray to God that I would one day be popular. Well I got what I wished for and I would do anything to be the loser again. If being a loser meant having true friends then I would want that back. Now that I am popular, girls harrass me because I'm pretty, I lost weight, and I get the guys. And sometimes their boyfriends leave them for me. I'm now being bullied because people are jealous. It was so bad I got threatening text messages, girls would wait outside my classrooms for me, they would confront me in the halls, write mean things by my name in the classrooms - you name it. There were 10 of them and 1 of me. So I told the adults. But they didnt help me. I was still being harassed. I refused to go to school. I wouldn't leave my room, or eat. I had nightmares that they were beating me up. I was going into a depression and was being watched for bullycide. In the end my school wasn't helping me, I didnt want to get my friends involved cause they would have gotten in trouble; So I transferred schools. I lost a lot of friends. I was forced to leave a district that I was going to my whole life. I'm terrified to leave my house, and had almost taken my life. See bullying isn't right. Its a serious matter that should be paid way more attention to. So I want to get people aware of the situation. I'm gonna start my new school a different person. I want kids to know that they aren't alone and that not only losers get picked on, the so called popular ones do too and it hurts all just the same! Read more »
  • Catt

    In most cases we know who is doing the bulling. Why can't someone do something for these misguided kids. Take them out of the environment that is feeding their anger. They are taking advantage of easy marks. Why won't someone take them out. The nice quiet kid who is being picked on has rights. Bullies are usually kids who have problems. they get counseling, tss workers, medication and whatever they need for their problem. but they continue to hurt, scare and harrass other kids. Why can't they be removed from the areas where they are causing problems. Schools are filled with these kids and they are using their problems an excuse to continue to hurt others. Read more »
  • ryan

    I want to stomp out bullying because in elementry school I was getting bullied because everybody in my class thought I was gay. Then I ended up getting therapy with the school's counselor for the rest of my 5th grade year! And that's why I want to STOMP OUT BULLYING!! Read more »