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  • Catt

    In most cases we know who is doing the bulling. Why can't someone do something for these misguided kids. Take them out of the environment that is feeding their anger. They are taking advantage of easy marks. Why won't someone take them out. The nice quiet kid who is being picked on has rights. Bullies are usually kids who have problems. they get counseling, tss workers, medication and whatever they need for their problem. but they continue to hurt, scare and harrass other kids. Why can't they be removed from the areas where they are causing problems. Schools are filled with these kids and they are using their problems an excuse to continue to hurt others. Read more »
  • ryan

    I want to stomp out bullying because in elementry school I was getting bullied because everybody in my class thought I was gay. Then I ended up getting therapy with the school's counselor for the rest of my 5th grade year! And that's why I want to STOMP OUT BULLYING!! Read more »
  • Justina McCraven

    I have always detested bullying even as a young child. We moved a lot and I was quite the chameleon. After I would move to a new school and become accepted by the 'popular kids' I would then try to bring in the 'outcasts' and show their positive attributes to others. I talk to my 5 yr old twins all the time about being a bully and I hope I am getting through to them. My oldest twin, when I am rushed and express short temper with others always reminds me you have to be nice. He also says he loves and prays for everyone especially bad or mean people. Read more »
  • Andrea

    Bullying is very hurtful. We have to stop it now. I was bullied by a bunch of girls. Lucky for me it stopped cause I stood up to them. Now they bully other kids. Read more »
  • Kyle

    All through middle school I was bullied. I dreaded going to school and often made myself sick. Migraines were common for me, but I loved that the pain kept me home. Being out of school I know there is little I can do, but having been bullied I would never wish anyone that type of emotional pain. Read more »