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  • Justina McCraven

    I have always detested bullying even as a young child. We moved a lot and I was quite the chameleon. After I would move to a new school and become accepted by the 'popular kids' I would then try to bring in the 'outcasts' and show their positive attributes to others. I talk to my 5 yr old twins all the time about being a bully and I hope I am getting through to them. My oldest twin, when I am rushed and express short temper with others always reminds me you have to be nice. He also says he loves and prays for everyone especially bad or mean people. Read more »
  • Andrea

    Bullying is very hurtful. We have to stop it now. I was bullied by a bunch of girls. Lucky for me it stopped cause I stood up to them. Now they bully other kids. Read more »
  • Kyle

    All through middle school I was bullied. I dreaded going to school and often made myself sick. Migraines were common for me, but I loved that the pain kept me home. Being out of school I know there is little I can do, but having been bullied I would never wish anyone that type of emotional pain. Read more »
  • Angelo

    Bullying hurts. So many kids at my school are bullied. I try to be their friend so the bullies don't bother them. Bullying needs to stop! Read more »
  • budakdusun

    just stop the bullying.it hurts.even i never get bullied but i know how is it feel. Read more »