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Latest Stories

  • Keren

    I want to stomp out bullying for many reasons. First off why should someone be picked on for no reason and why should they have to deal with it if they didn't hurt anyone? Why should the people who are different be judged? Why can't everyone just be friends and get along? What if there was a day at school where everyone at school said hi to each other even if they are not friends and get to know each other? What if there was a day at lunch where everyone sat at different lunch tables and not their usual tables and got to know other people? And even in class why don't teachers put in more group work and put different students together? These days kids could be so cruel and I'm sick and tired of it. What if everyone in every school was friends and everyone knew each other no matter how big the school is and no matter how different we all are? We all live in the same world. How come we can't just get along? Some people don't even realize how words can hurt and how they effect people. Enough is enough and we need to stick together to stomp out bullying! Read more »
  • Nathan

    I encountered bullying when one of my friends almost committed suicide. I decided to take action and join a PRIDE TEAMS! Read more »
  • Lindsay

    The reason I want to stomp out bullying is because I have been bullied before. It hurts and people may say words don't hurt me but most of them are lying. Bullying has got so bad that people have started cutting themselves and commiting suicide. And I am here to help and stand up against bullying. Did you know thay funeral homes cost more than Birthday Parties And Holidays? And this is because of people who bully people and are the cause of suicide. I'm here to make a change. Read more »
  • Margie Treap

    Just want to say that we all can overcome Bullying. I was teased and bullied when I was younger, I overcame. Still feel the pain, but it does not bother or stop me from doing what I want. Read more »
  • Rebekah

    I would really like to stomp out bullying because I have personally had bullying experiences since I was in middle school. I have been picked on because of my ADD, and also because I am Jewish. That in itself makes life a huge challenge. I walk around and think will I every be like everyone else knowing that it will be impossible and every day it scares me that I might get bullied. With finding ways to stand up against bullying I could not only make my life a whole lot easier but I could help others life's be changed as well. Read more »