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Danielle Nisim
Youth Ambassador STOMP Out Bullying™


Danielle Nisim is 19 years old and attends Loyola Marymount University.

With her future still to be determined, Danielle also known as Dani, is striving for a successful yet meaningful career in her future. Being a psychology major, Dani always looks for opportunities to learn about people and how to help them, both in and out of school. Since third grade Dani has been playing basketball, piano and singing. Bur in her elementary years, Danielle had not been completely accepted at her school. Her peers would exclude and criticize her for her weight and fashion choices. As the years went on, and the usual drama and rumors occurred, Dani became more and more self conscious because of the constant teasing and bullying she had to deal with everyday at school for not being "cool" or in anyone’s "click".  In response to the actions and words she heard daily, she had taken a path of trying to ignore it and act and dress in a way in which showed that it didn't bother her -- even though it truly did. She didn't talk much, and dressed in sweat pants, a baggy shirt and a big jacket. This of course didn't help resolve the issue, but it gave her the confidence of not needing approval from other people to get through the day. 

Dani used those experiences with bullying as motivation to help other kids deal with bullying. Dani took part in many mentoring programs, her favorite one being " mini psychologists" where for 2 semesters she tutored and mentored a first grade boy at a local elementary school. These hands on experiences helped her grow and become more inspired to help those who needed it. 

By the time high school began Dani had become a completely different person. She had no issues with bullying. If someone said something to make her feel insecure she would shut them out and just ignore it. If she even notices another student (whether she knows them or not) being bullied, she stands up for them and reassures them that there's no reason to feel bad about themselves. To this day, the main statement Dani carries with her is her fashion mentality. She feels that in school a person should be able to dress however they feel and not be judged for it. A majority of her school weeks, she still dresses in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Do people judge her? Yes, most definitely, but it's a reminder of her past and a way to show her confidence  -- and maybe even give a little confidence to the people around her. 

Her advice to all kids who are being bullied is: You don't need anyone's approval of who you are or what you want to become, You are your own person. Not everyone will be satisfied or happy with you, but that doesn't mean you're bad -- or should feel bad. You are amazing in your own way and if people can't see that then it's their loss. Do what YOU think is right, wear what YOU like and just BE YOU and don't let anyone tell you differently! 

Dani looks forward to STOMPING Out Bullying™ and spreading hope to kids everywhere!