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The "Stand UP" Generation

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JT Faccone
Youth Ambassador STOMP Out Bullying


JT Faccone, a 14 year-old student from Mooresville, North Carolina has lived in four different states, traveled to many places and has learned many different cultures. 

He thought the chance to be a Youth Ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying was definitely one worth taking. Having spoken at various public events, he was chosen by his school to represent them at a Middle School Diversity Conference. This gave him the chance to talk about labels and stereotypes that are automatically put on people due to their race and gender, etc.

JT debated at a Mock Trial, after over a year of planning and studying court cases and learned how to debate. This was a county wide event, where he got to debate with another team about an actual case they both had studied. This taught him how to stand up for what he believed was right, while also defending it. The court then reversed roles and he got to do the exact opposite, debating on the prosecution side. JT was able to cross examine and directly question different people that had roles in the court case, and this taught him how to learn both sides of a story, and to properly debate without it turning into an argument or something worse. 

He was in 4-H for almost four years, where he held positions as Secretary and President during different years. Being the Secretary taught him how to keep notes and develop observation skills, so that he could record minutes and report them. Being the President taught him how to be a leader and to stand up for what he thought was right for both the club, and the people in it. 

JT didn’t do these things because he had a lot of free time. Throughout his life, he seemed to come in contact with a lot of bullies. After being homeschooled for his whole life, he started at a new school last year, which posed the challenge of trying to fit in. He struggled with physical, verbal, and cyberbullying throughout his life, and he wanted to put a stop to it. Volunteering in community service with clubs and his school has helped him to stop some of the bullying. Posting inspirational messages on his Instagram account has helped show bullies that they can’t tear him down, and he aspires to help other people overcome bullying. JT hopes that by becoming a Teen Ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying, that he can make them feel better about themselves. He has already started this process by befriending the underdog, or the person that may not have a lot of friends, due to many reasons. He feels he can give them both the happiness and confidence they need to make more friends by themselves, along with overcoming and not believing some of the things the bullies say to them.

JT wants to be a psychiatrist when he grows up and hopes to help victims of bullying.