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Digital U.

 Watch for more Digital U. Soon 

Until then please remember:

It doesn't matter what people say about you online or even in person!
You never asked them for their opinion!


Bullying happens online, through the use of phones and tablets. Looking at Web pages that display mean posts and forwarding those hurtful messages is just like being mean to someone or spreading rumors in person. Words hurt, whether online or in person. Online you can’t see the face of the person who receives these cruel messages. It is just as painful.  Do your part by being a digital ally.

If you are the target of cyberbullying:

  • NEVER Respond  
  • If you are being digitally threatened, keep copies and take screen shots of bullying texts, emails and other communications
  • Report the cyberbullying to the Web site or app. Tell an adult about the incident who can contact the Interrnet service provider and/or law enforcement officials
  • Block the posts, messages and texts
  • Change your email address, screen name, phone number and passwords
  • Find real friends and groups who are supportive and who will have your back at all times