HelpChat Line

The STOMP Out Bullying™ Live HelpChat Line is a free and confidential help chat for kids and teens over the age of 13. It is intended to assist those who are victims of all forms of bullying and those who may be at-risk for suicide as a result of being bullied.

About Bullying And Cyberbullying

Every one of us are different. Some of us are short, tall, overweight, underweight, gay, straight, transgender, have special needs … we’re all various races, we dress and look differently. Bullying knows no boundaries. Popular kids can be bullied as easily as others. Just look at some of the celebrities who’ve been targeted. We can STOMP Out Bullying™ by being tolerant, kind and respectful and stand up for each other. We all dance to a different drummer – but the reality is we are ALL the same because we are ALL people. No one deserves to bullied for any reason!! NO MATTER™!

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What Kids And Teens Can Do About Sexual Harassment

Today, more than ever, it is critical for kids and teens to understand how and why sexual harassment and assault is wrong, and why teens must “SPEAK UP” when it happens.