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  • Molly

    Beginning around the time of 6th and into 7th grade I began to experience what it's like to be bullied by those you thought were your friends. I was harassed in class, while presenting projects, while teachers that were supposed to be there to protect me simply stood by and said nothing. Things escalated from there to the point where an actual hate channel was created on YouTube so that people who hated me could have a place to convene and talk trash on me. They took one of my videos that I had posted as a fun way to goof off, which I had deleted before I even knew they had gotten it, and included the caption: "I watch this every morning and thank God that he did not curse me with what he cursed this girl." To see all of the comments broke my heart and broke my spirit. They were treating me like nothing, so that's how I began to feel. Like nothing. To this day I am so grateful for my amazing parents and the rest of my support system that somehow got me out of that environment and put everything that they had into building me up again from the floor where these kids had so carelessly put me. When I tried to report this horrible crime, I actually had the police officer assigned to me tell me that maybe I was bullied because I did something to deserve it. To this day I am not sure that PA has a legitimate law in place to protect kids like me, but either way I have made it my life purpose to get the information out there and to make everyone aware of this hidden horror. So parents please remember to educate your children and build them up, and kids don't get mad at your parents for checking up on you. They can help you if you let them. I hope my story will someday help make sure that no child, teen, or young adult will ever have to go through the pain that I did. That being said, I would not be the strong woman that I am if I had not been crushed only to be built up by those who truly love me.

  • Dilyn (also known as Cherryline)

    Me being transgender I tend to get bullied. When I was younger i went to a talent show. It was back when I was still a female. I sung in the show. Some kids loved it, like my best friend who is now my GF. I sung very well for that age. But after the show most of the kids teased me for my "cursed voice." My Girlfriend who I will name Lilly (not real name) helped me though those tough years. If you are being bullied or you see it. You know what to do. I'm glad I'm alive.

  • Morgan Taylor

    I was bullied in elementary school because I was short and different. Kids would tease me, call me names, and spread rumors about me. I told the teachers what was going on but nothing was being done and the bullying got worse. I started to come home from school crying and sometimes I would be crying when my parents dropped me off at school. So I told my parents what was going on and they did something about it and things got better. No one deserves to be bullied. I was want people to know that they're not alone and that things will get better. After experiencing being bullied I am taking a stand against bullying. I am on a mission to stop bullying.

  • Jaida P.

    It started in 3rd grade. I moved to a different school district and I wasn't sure if  I was gonna fit in. I chose to be myself. It was 3rd grade.. puberty hadn't happened and I didn't look the best. People judged me on my size. I laughed a lot cause I was always nervous so they called me names cause when  I laughed my face turned red. 4th grade came 5th grade came quickly and I moved to a different school but same district. I didn't know anyone. That first day i met a girl in my group and we just clicked and connected. We spent everyday in school at lunch in projects etc. To this day she is still my best friend cause she knew what  I went through and we have been through so much. 6th grade came and it was like a whole different feeling for me. I felt ready and positive, but  I was wrong. Some guys in all my classes picked on me and a few other kids, but they picked on me for how i looked. They called me names, they made stories and rumors about me.. and I kept telling myself it's just the beginning. 7th grade came and the same guys were in all of my classes. It felt horrible.  I got so much anxiety almost everyday before school and skipped so much school cause  I didn't know how to handle the issue.  I got depressed throughout 7th and 8th grade and  I started doing unhealthy things. Then things at home got overwhelming so  I was even more stressed out and depressed. Finally i got the help  I needed in freshman year. Things got so bad I ended up in the hospital cause these girls and boys were spreading rumors about me and judged how  I dressed and looked. I moved to a different school half of freshman year thinking the bullying would go away but it didn't. It happened there too. thinking about escaping the issues isn't the right answer. In my case it was finding positive people and getting rid of the toxic people and not worrying about what others are doing. I started talking and listening to adults and getting the help I needed. In almost a year I am doing so much better. i realized walking away from your problems thinking you're alone and that it wont go away or wont get better isn't gonna help. But putting 100% effort in getting rid of the toxic people, getting new friends that stand by your side, listening to your parents, joining a sport or a club or talking to people will show you that everyone is made different and that everyone is going through very hard things. When you find someone going through the same thing you are going through, you can rely on each other, help them out cause you've been through the experience. I am almost a year clean, because of the decisions and help I got. When i grow up I wanna help kids and teens with their problems. cause nobody is ever alone!

  • Lauren

    Hello, My name is Lauren Brocious and I am 18 years old from Winchester, VA. In December, I created an anti-bullying video entitled "#labels". The video has been viewed more than 5 million times world wide. I have a lot of younger viewers and I know that this would empower a lot of people in my area.  Here is the link to my video. Thanks for you time, Lauren Brocious