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  • Tayler

    I am currently being bullied. I receive text messages from unknown numbers calling me names and telling me to go die or to kill myself. The bullies made a fake instagram account of me calling me fat and other rude names. I became a member of STOMP Out Bullying because I want to raise awareness that bullying shouldn't be taken lightly and that we can come together to make a difference. Bullying hurts, and it's a very real situation that needs to be stopped. If you're getting bullied remember to Stay Strong and don't give up. You can get through it.
  • Neya

    I've recently lost my cousin who was more like a little brother to bullying for being gay. He was only 15. Isn't that too young to end your life? Our family feels we didn't do much to hear his cries. Even though he was so full of life.. We never saw it coming but that's what you call "Hiding Pain" ... why? He had a host of friends and family who loved him and always listened. I think bullying is awful and unreasonable. Suicide makes it even worse because its just like someone pushing you off a cliff, you can't help but fall when someone pushes you. I never had bullying hit so close to home and stand in front of my door. I've always been against bullying especially after the great documentry on Netflix. I just want the person who's reading this that is facing bullying to run to the closest person to you or even a book and talk/and or write every piece of mind you have. You are loved by the man above and the person INSIDE YOU!
  • Kaitlin

    Alright to start this off I lost two people to bullying. One was my 15 year old brother and my dad. I lost my brother, Jeffrey, 3 months ago. He was picked on for being skinny, being a little goofy, crying because he was so caring and a softy, being himself. I loved him. He was my sidekick. We did everything together. My mom, dad, and I reported it to the school who has a bullying police. They did absolutley nothing. Now on to my dad. We lost him less then a week ago. He lost his son, who just got close to him, they finially started doing more together, talking, doing silly stuff. They were amazing people . They both committed suicide. Now my mom and I are the only two left out of 4 people in our close knit family. We did everything together. I miss them like crazy. We lost two people because someone had to pick on my little brother, because someone had to belittle him, because he was himself. I am way against bullying and hope people underunderstand that bullying can tear a family apart.
  • Maraboo

    On vine people are so mean! They always have something negative to say about anything and everything. I spoke out before against mean comments about on vine about a man in drag. He looked beautiful but of course people always have something to say and so somebody lashed out against me and called me a fag as well as the guy in the vine. This girl also called me ugly and fat and threatened me and she's never even met me to judge anything about me. All the bullying is unnecessary. Why do we all have to judge and be so mean to each other? Why can't we just all make love and have love for one another?
  • Tim

    My story has a very positive ending that can be hopeful for current bullying victims, so stay tuned (or skip to the end). When I was growing up in New York, I was bullied from about 4th grade through 8th in public school, I transferred to a Catholic HS and that was so much better, no bullying problem in HS. But during my middle school years, it was horrible, and this was before social media, AOL Instant Messenger was just starting to get popular, so I'm very thankful that my experience was before cyberbullying started happening. They bullied me because I was overweight, not very athletic or good at sports, I was good at math and science, it was more than 10 years ago so I don't even remember completely. I do remember the girl I had a crush on in 6th and 7th grade turning me down and, while she was never actively a bully, she sat back and didn't do or say anything while others bullied me even over that. I never wanted to harm myself, that thought never crossed my mind. There were times that I wanted to harm others, and I was scared. I terrified myself one time when I felt I truly understood the motives behind the Columbine High School shooting. The school administration didn't take it seriously because it was mostly verbal bullying, they figured it can't be bullying if nobody is getting physically injured. One guidance counselor took the problem seriously, and so did my parents, but nobody in higher authority at the school bothered to listen. The public schools in my area are set up that you're basically with the same group of kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. So after 8th grade I transferred out to Catholic high school, and that was one of the best things I ever did. Here's the hopeful part: Within 2 months of graduating college, I got probably the best job offer I could imagine, so I moved out of my mom and dad's place, moved 1/4 the way around the planet, and now live in Hawaii and working in direct support of the brave men and women in the armed forces. Want to know whatever happened to those who used to bully me? They still live with their parents, hanging out still with only each other, not being productive at all in society. Some have served time in jail on either drug charges or DWI. And here I am, of everyone my age I knew growing up, I'm one of the most successful. Oh, I almost forgot, I also have an amazing girlfriend, and I couldn't be happier with how my life is today.