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  • Alisha

    I started getting bullied in Middle school. At first, I didn't think much about it, but it continued to get worse. The words "ugly, fat, nasty, worthless, etc." played over and over in my head. In seventh grade, I made a new friend. She became my best friend. But her best friend moved back in town and she started hanging out with her more. Her friend began talking about me and she didn't stick up for me. Not even once that I know of. Then in seventh grade, two boys who continued with their jokes, even adding people into it made me want to end my life. But, the friend I was talking about earlier (my best friend) went to the guidance counselor and showed her a note, and in it I wrote "I want to die." The counselor talked to me, and my parents. The police were also involved and it did help. I'm in high school now, and I've made plenty of friend to help me along the way. And most of them are going through what I went through. My friends and I, we have scars. We help others along the way. It's hard, and I have my days. Who doesn't? At times, I still wake up and hate myself. But I'm overcoming it the best I can, and it's helping. After seeing my friend (Kelsey) get sent away for cutting herself, I realized I should stop. What if she killed herself? What if I did too? That's when I realized it's time to quit. But, I finally found my 2 very best friends. One is named Katie, the other Jake. I'm not going to put online why they have been bullied, but they've helped me out so much. No one should have to deal with bullying. If any of you are going through bullying, I'm so sorry. Suicide is NOT the answer. That's forever. But this "bullying" I know it will past. Find someone to talk to. Someone you can trust. Talk to someone, Anyone. Get help. Stomp Out Bullying!
  • Matthew

    I recently found this amazing organization through a school project on how social media can help support human rights. I chose your organization because I felt it really helps make a difference, not only to educate about bullying, but to prevent it in many ways. This last spring I saw one of the most terrible effects of bullying that I felt was necessary to discuss. My best friend since First Grade's brother was bullied and took his own life at just 13. He was an amazing boy and had so much ahead of him. Ever since this experience I can honestly say I am doing everything I can to help stop anything like this in the future!
  • April

    I maybe an adult now but I was a child in school once too. I am really pale with freckles and if that wasn't enough my mother is gay. Plus we moved a lot so I was generally the new kid. All of this, needless to say, was quite a lot of ammo for bullies. However when growing up I didn't get comforted or have resources taught to me to help deal with bullying. Thankfully today is different. I'm a mother of a child with disabilities, cerebral palsy. She is six years old and in first grade. She dreams of bring a dancer in music videos, loves Doctor Who, Korean culture, and wants to adopt six girls when she grows up. And while I think she is just amazing and fun, people around her that don't know her don't know this. They see a little girl with leg braces and in a walker. Children are sometimes scared of the walker and afraid to approach her. They ask insensitive questions. Adults, while not as rude generally don't always help, they fear what she can't do or that she could induce liability if she were injured. I just wanted to share and spread the word. Alienation is a form of bullying. It hurts the person/child in this case and it hurts the parent/me when I have to hear that my happy fun loveable crazy girl feels alone. Thank you, STOMP out bullying for everything you do. I believe change will only be achieved through education, awareness, and understanding. Thank you again.
  • Keren

    I want to stomp out bullying for many reasons. First off why should someone be picked on for no reason and why should they have to deal with it if they didn't hurt anyone? Why should the people who are different be judged? Why can't everyone just be friends and get along? What if there was a day at school where everyone at school said hi to each other even if they are not friends and get to know each other? What if there was a day at lunch where everyone sat at different lunch tables and not their usual tables and got to know other people? And even in class why don't teachers put in more group work and put different students together? These days kids could be so cruel and I'm sick and tired of it. What if everyone in every school was friends and everyone knew each other no matter how big the school is and no matter how different we all are? We all live in the same world. How come we can't just get along? Some people don't even realize how words can hurt and how they effect people. Enough is enough and we need to stick together to stomp out bullying!