Lilly - STOMP Out Bullying


I have been a victim of bullying. It started around 5th grade when we went to a new bigger school. I was the really shy kid and most people didn't talk to me, but getting social media back then was a big thing and that is where I could be me. I didn't like to talk to anyone because I was Bisexual. I see girls liking boys and boys liking girls. No one likes being with the same sex. I didn't want people to know. Eventually I got an Instagram account. I was full me. I was crazy and fun and enjoying myself. I found this really pretty girl on there and we soon became friends. She didn't know I liked her though. After a while she found out. She thought it was disgusting. I was hurt, but she made it worse. She made a fake account of me. She posted very sexual things to girls, things I would never say. She made me look needy and a horrible person. Soon she photoshopped pictures of me in horrible situations. She followed my friends and said bad things to them. Because of her I became more and more depressed. I was hurting myself. She got to my weak point. I was diagnosed with depression at an early age, but she made it worse. I have gotten better, but I still need help. I don't want people to go through what I did.
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