Spencer - STOMP Out Bullying


Hello.I've never really discussed this with anyone other then family. I started my senior year in high school last year and I wouldn't call it amazing everyone would curse me out and say how ugly I was and sometimes my bully became physical. I wasn't scared but it still hurt so one day I finally said something. I told one of the girls you might be pretty but you have an ugly heart and you are only doing this because you are insecure and don't want anyone to notice bad things about you. So you say bad things about me and other people so the bad attention goes on me and everyone else.Put yourself in our shoes because I presume that you wouldn't like it so that's why you are doing it. Stop just stop! Ever since then we have been very good friends. I'm finishing up my first year of college and everything's so marvelous. So it's ok! Don't hurt yourselves because someone else has problems with themselves and you don't need compliments because that means they really don't like you and when you get insulted that means their jealous so. It's ok! I love you all! Spencer
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