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Updated: 11/23/11. Okay first of all I have an amazing passion for helping people. I want them to know life gets better and that suicide is not the answer! It gets better! So much better! I am serious about making a change and helping people. I believe i have a gift, so I am going to use it. So please if you are feeling lonely, depressed or anything else i will be here and i will talk with you.

I am gay and SO proud to be! Almost all of my family and friends know that im gay now. Im the kind of person that just wants to have happiness in life and live life to the very fullest. I love to go bicycling everyday, jog sometimes, i love to just have fun and do things. I also love to make people laugh and make them happy! :)

To all the young gay teens that have taken their own lives because of bullying

May you all R.I.P.

Jamie Hubley (15) died October 14, 2011.

Jamey Rodemeyer (14) died September 18, 2011.

Lance Lundsten (18) died January 15, 2011.

Brandon Bitner (14) died November 5, 2010.

Justin Aaberg (15) died July 9, 2010.

Asher Brown (13) died September 23, 2010.

Tyler Clementi (18) died September 22, 2010.

Raymond Chase (19) died September 29, 2010.

Jon Carmichael (13) died March 28, 2010.

Christian Taylor (16) died May 31, 2010.

Billy Lucas (15) died September 9, 2010.

Seth Walsh (13) died September 28, 2010.

You will never be forgotten

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