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 World Day Of Bullying Prevention™
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Over 100,000 youths impacted by Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention™ Funding 


Help raise awareness of bullying prevention. Schools, Community Groups and Corporations are eligible to submit the names of their organization, which will be posted to STOMPOutBullying.org along with photos they submit from World Day of Bullying Prevention™.

World Day of Bullying Prevention™
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World Day of Bullying Prevention™
Terms and Conditions

Creating your World Day of Bullying Prevention™ and National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month Activities and Events

You are certainly welcome to create your own shirts. We encourage everyone to #BlueUp on October 1st, however it is NOT permissible to use our logo, or name on your shirts, on event materials, on web sites or in the press due to both being legally copyrighted and trademarked to our organization. Because our name and logo are legally trademarked, unauthorized use of these are not permitted and would be considered intellectual property infringement.

Please use our official legally registered and trademarked campaign name
ONLY as indicated below:

World Day of Bullying Prevention™
An initiative of STOMP Out Bullying™

Please Note: The day is NOT "STOMP Out Bullying Day."

Thanks for participating! We hope the day is most successful.