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Ways To Help

It’s not the amount of time you have,
it’s what you do with it to help END bullying.
Our strength lies in a collective action.

Here are 7 ways you can make a difference:

Take action!

Stand up for others when you see them being bullied or cyberbullied.


Your gift helps us to educate, raise awareness and help students who are bullied and at-risk for suicide. Donate now!

Participate in a Campaign

World Day of Bullying Prevention, National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, National Block It Out Day and more.

Shop at the STOMP Out Bullying™ Online Store

Order items and raise awareness. They make great gifts as well.


From our HelpChat Line, to Peer Mentoring Groups in schools to raising awareness and helping to spread the word!

Partner with Us

Through corporate, media and celebrity collaborations and partnerships, we can end all forms of bullying.

Spread The Word

Join Our Social Networks: STOMP Out Bullying wants to connect with you. You'll get the latest news, meet people with similar interests, participate in challenges, watch videos and network together to help children. Learn about our social networking communities and find out how you can join the conversation.

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