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For School Administrators On Cyberbullying


For School Administrators On Cyberbullying

 It is important for teachers and other school faculty to be able to recognize when a student is being bullied. If the cyberbully is using the school’s computers it’s even more important.

It is imperative that your school has an anti-bullying policy and that is enforced.

Educate students, teachers, and other staff members about cyberbullying, its dangers, and what to do if someone is cyberbullied.

Closely monitor students’ use of computers at school, and closely monitor the behavior of the affected students at school for possible bullying.

Use filtering and tracking software on all computers. Although the filtering and tracking software are a great tool, don’t rely on just that. Look for signs of cyberbullying as well.

Investigate reports of cyberbullying immediately. If cyberbullying occurs through the school district’s Internet system, you are obligated to take action. If the cyberbullying occurs off-campus, consider what actions you might take to help address the bullying:

Create a cyberbullying report and notify the parents of the victims and the parents of cyberbullies of known or suspected cyberbullying.

Notify the police if the known or suspected cyberbullying involves a threat.

Educate students about the harms caused by cyberbullying. It can occur off of school property.

Speak with the cyberbullying victim(s) and offer support from a school counselor or school-based mental health professional.

Contact the police immediately if known or suspected cyberbullying involves acts such as: Extortion, threats of violence, harassment, stalking, hate crimes, obscene or harassing phone calls or text messages and child pornography.