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STOMP Out Bullying Wellness Room: Longwood Preparatory Academy, NY

Wellness Room Longwood Academy

STOMP Out Bullying Celebrates The Donation of its First Wellness Room!

STOMP Out Bullying has always been a proud advocate for mental health, especially by highlighting Mental Health Awareness Month each May. As we all know, self-care is of the utmost importance year-round. We all have our ways to help us stay grounded and present when times get challenging or stressful. We all need safe spaces to decompress or regulate feelings and emotions, especially our youth. STOMP Out Bullying is proud to partner with School Outfitters.

Wellness room ribon cutting

left to right: A.Johnson  Principal of Longwood Preparatory Academy, Ross Ellis Founder and CEO of STOMP Out Bullying, Stephanie Roche of STOMP Out Bullying, Shelly Carey of STOMP Out Bullying. Photograph by Michael Simon

"Longwood Preparatory Academy celebrated a ribbing-cutting for a new wellness room for students. Students now have a room where they have supervised support and access to space to decompress, thanks to a partnership between STOMP Out Bullying, School Outfitters and Longwood Preparatory Academy. The colorful room includes coloring books, Slinkies, squish balls and comfortable furniture to aid in releasing any emotions they may be working through. The CEO of STOMP Out Bullying says this is their first wellness center in schools, but it will not be their last."
By Valerie Ryan and News 12 Staff

What is a Wellness Room?

A Wellness Room is a location at a school to help promote a safe and semi-private space for relaxation, stress relief, emotional regulation, and tending to personal needs. It is best visualized as a lounge equipped with relaxing sensory tools and furniture to help ground and ease the stressful day.

Wellness Room Longwood Academy
Wellness Room Longwood Academy