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Bullying Harassment Notice

For parents, when your kids are being bullied and the bully's parents and the schools are not listening

Documatica Notice of Harrassment Kit (for School Bullying)

This free online kit is a combination of forms that can be used to help resolve bullying incidences in elementary and high schools in the United States and Canada.

To use this kit, first read the instructions (Step 1), which explains the forms and their functions, provides a legal commentary, and answers common questions you may have.

Then, download the templates in Step 2 (in PDF format; requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and print them, as needed, to record events and discussions related to the bullying. (To download the templates, click the links and then choose File: Save.)

When you are ready to turn these records into a Notice of Harassment to deliver to the bully's parents, teachers, and/or principal, click on the link in Step 3. From the responses entered in the online form, the will customize a PDF Notice of Harassment which you can then download and save.