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Bullying Prevention Bill Of Rights For Students And Parents

Copy this letter and send it to your school if your child is being bullied, harmed or discriminated against.

Bullying Prevention Bill Of Rights For Parents and Students


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to alert you and the school to the fact that my son/daughter______________ is being bullied by a student at ______________ school.

I request that my son/daughter______________, immediately have available all of the protections under state and federal law to protect him/her from physical or emotional harassment, discrimination, retaliation or verbal abuse.

Schools legally act on behalf of the parent while their children are in their care. By law, my child has a right to learn in a safe and harm-free educational environment …as do all children.

I understand that school personnel have a duty and responsibility to ensure that my child is protected and must fully investigate all allegations he/she reports.

Bullying and harassment are a form of child abuse and I am now requesting that you protect my child from these various forms of abuse that he/she has suffered at your school.

Because my child is a minor, he/she has been informed that he/she is not to discuss any allegations of such abuse without myself/parent/legal guardian present during these discussions. Should my child make a complaint, I expect to be contacted at once so I can attend these discussions.

I am requesting that this protection begin immediately and will assume you are taking the appropriate action from this date forward.

If I am incorrect, I request you immediately notify me, and my advocate at the following address:

Advocate/Parent Name
City, State, Zip
Phone #
E-mail Address:


Parent's Name