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What You Can Do

For Adults

Stop and listen to the child who has been bullied and take all complaints of any type of bullying seriously. Being responsive is key to help you take the appropriate steps you’ll need to help.

It doesn’t matter how you have been touched or impacted by bullying … the important thing is that you can do something to change your school, playground or neighborhood environment.

If you represent a media outlet wishing to run our public service announcements in your region, please contact us. If you are a teacher, guidance counselor or school administrator please contact us for four free posters. We ask that you pay for S/H.

You may also visit our Adults Page and check out our Tip Sheets which offer information and best practices to support kids who have been bullied, as well as reducing and preventing bad and aggressive behaviors. Please feel free to reproduce these as long as you include our copyright information and URL address.