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Celebrating Black History Month 2024

Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the achievements, contributions, and rich history of Black Americans. It is an opportunity to reconcile with the past, pave the way for a more just future, and celebrate all the amazing figures who have taken their place in the records of Black History.

This year, the Black History Month 2024 theme, explores "African Americans and the Arts," weaving together experiences from Africa, the Caribbean, and Black American lives. From visual and performing arts to literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary arts, and more, the African-American influence stands as a cornerstone. Artists have utilized their craft to preserve history, empower communities, and set global trends. Learning about this year’s theme and the history of Black History Month increases awareness and builds allyship between all supporters.

While it’s important to learn more about Black history every single day, it’s helpful to have somewhere to start. We’ve created a guide on how to thoughtfully honor Black History Month this year:


Explore Black History
Start by delving into the vast history of Black Americans. Read books, watch documentaries, and explore online resources that highlight the struggles, triumphs, and significant moments in Black history.

Read the Works of Black Authors
Whether you aim to expand your anti-racism reading list, appreciate the timeless poetry and prose of Audre Lorde, or seek out a captivating novel, make sure to prioritize adding Black writers to the forefront of your reading queue. See our book recommendations HERE.

Watch a Documentary or Film About the Black Experience
Whether you want a primer on Black history, or you want to dive into a specific niche (like music, film, or activism), there’s almost certainly a documentary out there for you to check out. Here are a few films for recommended viewing this month:

Attend Virtual Events and Workshops
Many organizations host virtual events and workshops during Black History Month. Attend lectures, panel discussions, and workshops to gain insights from scholars, activists, and community leaders. These events can provide a deeper understanding of historical contexts and contemporary issues.

Visit Museums and Exhibits
Take a trip (virtually or in person) to museums and exhibits that showcase Black history and culture. Institutions like the National Museum of African American History and Culture offer immersive experiences that cover various aspects of the African American journey.

Take Action

Support Black-Owned Businesses
Strengthen the economic foundation of the Black community by intentionally supporting Black-owned businesses. Whether it's dining at Black-owned restaurants, shopping from Black entrepreneurs, or hiring Black professionals, your support can make a significant impact.

Engage in Allyship
Educate yourself on issues affecting the Black community and become an ally. Attend workshops on racial equity, challenge stereotypes, and actively seek to understand different perspectives. Use your voice to speak out against injustice and promote inclusivity in all aspects of life.

Volunteer and Donate
Contribute your time and resources to organizations working towards racial equality. Volunteer at local community centers, mentorship programs, or organizations addressing social justice issues. Additionally, consider making donations to causes that support education, healthcare, and economic empowerment within the Black community.


Socialize and Celebrate Black Joy
Oftentimes, the history of Black people in America is presented primarily or entirely as a narrative linked to trauma, violence, and resilience. But it’s possible—and just as important—to center Black joy, from the arts to entrepreneurship.

Host Cultural Events
Organize cultural events that celebrate Black history, arts, and achievements. Screen films by Black directors, showcase artwork by Black artists, or host live performances featuring Black musicians and poets. Use these events as opportunities to amplify Black voices and talent.

Share Stories and Traditions
Encourage open conversations about Black history within your community. Share stories of resilience, accomplishments, and cultural traditions. Celebrate the diversity within the Black community and create a space for dialogue that fosters understanding and appreciation.

Promote Education in Schools
Advocate for inclusive education that covers Black history throughout the school year. Work with educators and school boards to ensure that curricula are diverse, accurate, and representative of the contributions of African Americans to the nation's history.

Participate in Black Movie Day
Black Movie Day is an annual event that celebrates accomplishments by and seeks to support Black film. In 2024, Black Movie Day is on February 17.

But we also hope that you will keep the momentum going after Black History Month. It’s important to celebrate the progress we’ve made, reconcile with our shortcomings, and delight in our communities, but we know that racism doesn’t just disappear after one month of recognition. Practice any of these items year-round and continue to do your part in the fight for racial justice 365 days a year.

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