The atrocious acts of bigotry and hatred that occurred in Orlando this past Sunday will impact our country forever. This attack was specifically targeted at the LGBT community. Lives will be forever changed, while many were taken. Attending a public event should never be something to fear – NO MATTER what someone’s sexual orientation or gender are. Yet the LGBT community was viciously targeted. The LGBT community is a group of people. And we must remember that – because at the end of the day we are all the same – we are all human beings!

Every day students from all walks of life, all sexual orientations and genders, reach out to us at STOMP Out Bullying because they feel hated. No one person should ever feel hated – NO MATTER! Everyone deserves to live in a world free of hatred and bigotry!

We have seen the outpouring of unity and solidarity for our neighbors in Orlando. Many want to help. Vigils across the country are being held in remembrance of the victims of the shooting and can be found at There you can find information about how best to help those directly impacted by the shooting.

Schools must reach out and help their students understand this horror. They can do so by visiting the American School Counselor Association website for a comprehensive list of crisis response and mental health resources for educators. Students who need someone to talk to can reach talk to our Volunteer HelpChat Counselors or you can reach out to the Trevor Project. Everyone at STOMP Out Bullying sends you thoughts, love and prayers!