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STOMP Out Bullying Launches National Culture Week for Schools

STOMP Out Bullying Launches National Culture Week for Schools

STOMP Out Bullying is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our brand new campaign called National Culture Week (April 9 – April 13). We are currently registering schools who are interested in participating in this exciting new initiative for youth.

STOMP Out Bullying's Initiative Sparks Conversation Among Students 

The focus of this initiative will be to spark a conversation among youth about the need to change the culture from one of cruelty to one of kindness and inclusivity, and provide an opportunity for youth to share and learn from each other’s diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

The week kicks off with a live stream Culture Week Panel discussion hosted by STOMP Out Bullying.

  This panel will be a live, online discussion on April 10, 2018 and accessible for all schools who have registered to participate.
Facilitated by celebrity influencers from the media, sports, entertainment and social media worlds, the goal of this panel is to be the catalyst for an online conversation, as well as to call on schools and communities throughout the country to join the live stream discussion, and continue the discussion throughout the week.

School administrators, we invite your school to participate in our livestream Culture Week Panel on April 10th.

 What to expect if your school is participating in our livestream Culture Week Panel:

  1. Your students can view our livestream panel and participate in Q & A

  2. The panel will provide a template for types of conversations that we encourage schools to initiate and discuss through Culture Week.

  3. You will receive a guide for the week

  4. Registered participants will be emailed additional details about the livestream event, how to connect, the week's guide and influential speakers   

If you are interested in registering your school and becoming a national culture week ambassador, fill out the form on this page.

About STOMP Out Bullying

STOMP Out Bullying is a pioneer on the issue of bullying and cyberbullying. As the leading anti-bullying organization, STOMP Out Bullying is dedicated to change the culture in schools for all students.
Initiatives of STOMP Out Bullying bring awareness and educate kids and teens on how  to prevent bullying and encourage inclusion, equality and kindness.



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